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Are you ready for the most degen madafakers in the metavArse?

Ape Scoundrel Squad (ASS) is a collection of 💎 5,000 💎 degen ramen spilling, poop throwing, trouble-causing vile group of Apes to ever drop.... but also kinda cute 😏

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, there are over 250 traits to make your booty shake. Your ASS could end up with items like Poop Flail, The ASSasinator, or Turd Nunchucks. If you don't get in on this now, you're NGMI. 💩

FAQ by silly Turds

How many in the collection?

5,000 randomly generated Ape Scoundrel Squad (ASS) NFTs.

How much does each ASS cost?

Free mint.


We'll let our community of ASSholders decide.

When can I mint some ASS?

Dat ASS will be droppin soon. Follow our Twitter for details.

Wen moon?

When you get some ASS! This is a project you'll want to get behind! 🚀🍑

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